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Feel free to wander around the site, I am certain there will be something to interest you

A modicum of legal stuff - some but not all of it – this site is my own work and is copyrighted to me. I would be unhappy to say the least if someone else was using it without my permission.

There isn’t really “adult content” in the X-Rated sense of the term, I don’t intend to have stuff that is likely to offend some people and titilate others on the site , but I want it understood that the content is intended for people over 18 and prepared to take responsibility for their own actions.
If this doesn’t sound like you, then you shouldn’t really be here.
Dating and interacting with people in general requires a certain amount of personal responsibility, caution and common sense, and I can’t be responsible for the actions that you take even as a result of reading something on this website.
Also, I make no guarantee, expressed or implied that you will have any particular success or outcomes in your own experiences.
I will have links to online dating sites and advice  and coaching services that only accept people over 18. Speaking of links, I cannot be responsible for the content of external sites, or if the links to them are always functional.
I will only recommend them in good faith, but I can’t be aware of changes or shortcomings on them. I may receive some form of financial benefit or reward from the products or services mentioned on this site, so please consider this as a form of advertising.




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