Food Of Love

If music be the food of love, play on!

Alternatively, if food be the food of love,

then Bon Appetit!

Dinner is served…

Eating and drinking is at the very core of human existence

- pretty much like boy meets girl.

Re-awaken happy childhood memories with a few cookies – and stick some chocolate chips in them for a few happy adult ones too!

In fact, a guy called Maslow came up with the  Hierarchy of Needs for human beings, and food and water come right after “breathing” and way ahead of sexual intimacy, which is actually on the far side of security of body and health.

But back to this food thing. That’s why you ask a girl to meet for a drink, then dinner – it’s the modern day progression of our stone age ancestors meeting as we gathered at the watering hole during the day, and feasting on the kill of the day.

So… you are tapping into the primeval urges of mankind.

Now as a dating implement, there are many layers to food and drink. Girls like a guy that makes them feel good, and food plays a part in that – food can be sensual, it can connect with as many of the senses as possible, it can show your generosity, can show your ability to share, to provide, to have an abundance of things that girls appreciate.

This area will be about knowing how to enjoy food, the details of dining, making food to impress girls, or improve your own nutrition and health, and the whole world of eating and drinking.

What wine when, what glass where, which spoon for what… ah the mysteries of the convoluted conventions we compose around the most fundamental ingredients of our existence: food and drink.

Shiraz, sauvignon, merlot and pinot noir. If you have never had French Champagne, then have you actually had Champagne?

But first, let’s start with a really good cup of coffee…

 And then move on to impressing a beautiful woman in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Make your food as sensual as possible to make a great impression.